Free Verse Poetry, Metaphysical Poetry, Reflecting on Poetry

lines in life, drawn between this and that
sometimes easy to draw
often hard to erase
once in place, leaving impressions
like those left by a full moon
on a farmer’s resting field
on a biting cold winter’s eve
like those cut by a determined river
following its surging heart to sea
like those etched into our faces
from years of smiling or frowning
and finally
like those in a poem
connecting and separating words
to give meaning

15 thoughts on “Lines

  1. My signs of living are advancing exponentially. At least I’m still here to count them. Good one Don!!

  2. Polona: Thanks so much. Lines of all types and shapes. Just so I don’t have to walk a straight one tonight. It’s Friday!!!

  3. Gautami: Thanks so much. No, please. No math. It’s Friday and nothing seems to add up; not even lines. A little humor. 🙂

  4. ‘..drawn between this and that
    sometimes easy to draw
    often hard to erase..’

    Points to ponder…(not going to the mathematics of it!!)

  5. I love this poem …the lines that we have insdie us..It also remind me the photo of the old Irani in my blog (not sure what is the connection) but lines of life prehaps…Your words are magical in here touching us so deeply

    Thank you

  6. lovely images and thoughts
    i have too many wrinkles for the sonnet – i’ll have to go for epic narrative verse 🙂

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