Three Short Poems

Free Verse Poetry, Metaphysical Poetry

Run of the mill.
That’s what we become
when we try to be
something we’re not.
To excel, be who you are.

Status quo.
Breaking even.
Par for the course.
That’s what happens
when we fail
to take risks in our lives.
Blaze a new trail to find happiness.

Sour grapes.
Missed shots in life.
Looking back,
hoping for something different.
The past doesn’t change.
Give the future our best shot.
That’s all we have.

13 thoughts on “Three Short Poems

  1. Thanks Aurora. These are some great links and connections. I will let you know how Boston goes. All the best, Don

    Andrew, thank you. I need it too.

  2. Thanks Trinitystar, Krystyna, and Floots. Your comments are very much appreciated.

    Yes Floots, there is a Sandburgian feel there. I call him the Chicago poet. I have always enjoyed his poems.

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