Fountain of Youth.

Free Verse Poetry, Metaphysical Poetry

Being around young people
awakens your child within–
that original seed born
and giving rise to all that follows
in your life.
Exposure to youthful yearnings
and unanalyzed ideas
lifts the veil off the overjudged,
seriously questioned,
and programmed face you wear
when you grow older.
Something inside you changes
when a young spirit touches you,
releasing the kid within
who wants so desparately
to experience things afresh
and without known boundaries.
It’s not the water you drink
that keeps you young.
It’s allowing young spirits to touch
that part of you that never grows old.

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6 thoughts on “Fountain of Youth.

  1. Jesus Christ theres lots of spammy feedback on this page. Have you actually thought about attempting to get rid of them or installing a tool?

  2. Andrew…thanks for your comment. Teaching has always been an interest of mine. Hope you enjoy the book. I look forward to your book.

  3. Being an elementary teacher, I know how true this is ! Don, I got the book today — thank you so much. This fall, I’ll send one your way. 🙂

  4. Well, isn’t this nicely expressed! 🙂

    Hope you are well, Don. It’s just been very busy lately. I’ve signed on to edit a fourth publication, so things are hectic.

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