Where I Live

Free Verse Poetry, Spiritual Poetry

I live in a different place.
Not a place you couldn’t find,
but a place that’s vastly different
than I had ever imagined
I would be living.

I live in a different place.
A place where I can still
put my feet on the ground,
but not a place where
you can stick your head in the sand
and expect to hide.

I live in a place
that keeps moving east to west
like the sun,
and a place coming to rest,
like a flying saucer landing on Earth.
And a place I can be alone
but together with the world
and all that it seems.

But all the while,
there is yet another place,
where the sunsets linger
and the sunrises glide
like Olympic skaters on ice.
This place is where we live together,
if only long enough
to see a single shooting star.

Yes, I live in a different place.
But that doesn’t mean
I can’t drop by each day
like the hummingbird
at your window feeder,
and drink the sweet nectar of life.

Click here to hear me read this poem.

17 thoughts on “Where I Live

  1. Gautami…thanks for coming back, and I will look at your earlier post. Sorry I missed it. Sometimes I forget to come back.

  2. Commenting here again!

    Do drop by anytime! You are ever so welcome.

    In your reply to my comment in the previous post:

    You are right in your assessment. I am very strong. Both in mind as well as spirit. I bounce bak no matter what!

  3. Lost Crow,

    Please see my comment left on your blog about your poem, which I liked very much. A couple quick answers to your questions from my standpoint only:

    – This place is inside me. It’s my inner life.

    – It’s different moment to moment, because our lives are in a constant state of change.

    – We don’t find this place by seeking. It’s already there inside us. All we need to do is believe it is there and it appears.

    – We get to live there by allowing ourselves to do so. By acknowledging that we are a part of something much larger, more powerful, and filled with meaning and purpose.

    – We are already there. There is no place to go. And we do what aligns with the light inside us.

  4. where is this place,
    and why is this place so different
    how do you find this place
    and once you find it
    how do you get to live there
    and once you live there
    what do you do,

  5. Oh, just lovely….sunrise glides like Olympic skaters.. and the hummingbirds…i can just visualize them now…whew!
    love, me

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