Always a Hand Waiting for You

Free Verse Poetry, Spiritual Poetry

Trust there is a hand
reaching from the sky
that can lift you up
during your darkest hour.

Trust there is a hand
to steady your walk through life
when the day’s pressures
cause you to lose your balance.

Trust there is a hand
that can heal the hurt
capsizing your mind and body
as they seek peace and harmony.

Trust there is a hand
outstretched, and always waiting for you.
Don’t be afraid to grasp it
and let it lift you up.

Click here to hear me read this poem.

9 thoughts on “Always a Hand Waiting for You

  1. Thanks Aurora, Paul, and Andrew.

    It is true…the hand is already there. It’s always there, as you’ve said Paul and Aurora.

  2. Especially like the repeating first line and sense that the hand is something there, already, and it’s a matter of recognizing it. I think so too.

  3. Thanks Pat, Dan, Gautami, and Polona. I very much appreciate your kind comments.

    Gautami…All of us struggle at times. It’s inevitable. I believe our souls rest on a bedrock of hope and faith. It’s already there. We just have to bring it to our consciousness. I suspect your hope and faith is much stronger than it seems to you at times. I have a sense about this with you. Take care.

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