Going Beyond Life’s Cliches

Free Verse Poetry, Metaphysical Poetry

Lift me past
the cliches of life.
Those proto-ordinary word-images
that stick in your hand
as it strives to write original words
and lines of words that form and flow
like no other words or lines written.

But who am I to think
that anything
could possibly be new
in this world that goes on and on–
past us and always after us?

Who are we, as word-bound bards,
to think anything is special
because it is our time
to rise and fall,
like the sun and moon,
which have done the same,
without our help,
for millenia before us,
and will likely for millenia after us?

Who are we to postulate
we are anything more
than God ever intended
from the very beginning, and
I mean the beginning of all beginnings
when all things, including God, began?

Is there any wonder
I should want to rise above
the cliches forever grabbing truth
from the hands of ordinary people such as us,
who live and die,
like the cliches we spew about us,
hoping we can be different?

Click here to hear me read this poem.

10 thoughts on “Going Beyond Life’s Cliches

  1. Thanks Floots and Polona.

    And Floots, I can say the same about you in hearing you read your poems.

    Polona, now THAT is an interesting question and my answer is: Yes! The archetypes of the collective unconscious are those we all share. The issue is whether we can allow them to emerge within us in a way that brings about our individuation. The archetypes are nothing more than cliches until we bring them to our consciousness and they become a part of our spiritual growth. (All Jungian psychology stuff for those seeking some explanation.)

  2. we all have unique voices
    it’s just that sometimes
    even we cannot recognise them

    nicely put don (i can hear your voice

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