Meditation on Highest Callings

free verse, Nature, Spiritual

Help me linger
in the morning sun.
Help me soak up
its powerful warming rays
that fall like velvet
through the trees.
Help me dance
in unending circles
in the scented breeze
blowing gently
across the yard.
Help me never again deny
the magic
that life sweeps across me
in every breath I take.
For then
I have reached my highest calling
in accepting
what life does bring.

Click here to hear me read this poem.

10 thoughts on “Meditation on Highest Callings

  1. That’s a great prayer. I must pray more often… needs all the help one can get!
    Rob (Mmmmm)

  2. Thanks Aurora and Polona. I appreciate your comments. I enjoy reading poetry. That too is a art to be learned.

    Aurora, video? I really enjoyed Andrew’s performance. It was beautiful. Maybe I could do my stand-up comedy act. 🙂

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