free verse, Metaphysical

Those of truth
live in shadows
like those rarely seen.

Those of truth
try their best
to go unnoticed,
like the last flicker of sunset,
before it turns into night.

Those of truth
have stopped searching,
because they know, they have
all they will ever need.

Those of truth
pause to wonder
because wonder is
even more than it seems.

Those of truth,
last and foremost,
find Scarborough Fair
in all they see.

And those of truth
will always know
the end is near
for all but truth
that lingers long
and wanders wide.

But in the end,
truth we know
can never hide.

11 thoughts on “T-r-u-t-h

  1. Alas Don,
    like adolescents we spend our whole life long
    clutching at one truth or another all night long

    We want to share our new found truth or truths.
    But the greatest truth of all remains hidden …
    There is no death, there is a passing from this world
    to another, like changing channels on tv or changing internet providers or even changing from one blog to another

    Of course the subtle difference is that one goes on in one channel on tv rarely (or seldom) has anything to do with what is shown on the other, unlike the internet or blogosphere where we can still visit the same sites or old sites…

    But if the ancients still roam the earth
    if the native americans still roam the plains
    it is plain they roam in another ‘world’ – another ‘phase’

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