Reflecting on a Meaningful Life

Life in the abstract is meaningless.

How’s that for an abstract,
and therefore meaningless answer
to the critically important question:
Is your life meaningful?

I ask the question because I care,
and also because asking you the question
creates a mirror allowing me
to reflect upon my own life
and its meaningfulness.

Certainly philosophers serve their purpose
by raising age-old questions
perplexing all pondering them, but
a meaningful understanding of life
flows from living a meaningful life.

Should I say that again?
I shall.
A meaningful understanding of life
flows from living a meaningful life.
Mr. Thompson, my much feared and revered
high school chemistry teacher, was right:
The proof is in the pudding. Always!

So, what is a meaningful life?
Look in the mirror
and ask yourself that question.
Prescriptive answers by another
to that question, are indeed unjust.

You must decide for yourself.

So, how is your life, and
is it meaningful enough to you?
Moreover, how do you decide
whether your life is meaningful?
For most of us, we decide
based upon what is most important to us.

And what might that be?
The list is nearly endless, and
it includes everything from love
to fame and fortune,
good health, family, and friends,
serving a higher purpose,
attaining spiritual enlightenment,
helping others,
freedom and individuality, and
for some novelty and creativity.

Is my life meaningful?
As I stand before the bathroom mirror,
on this gorgeous early May morning,
an unexpected smile breaks out on my face.
I think: What a ludicrous question!
Need I ask such a question of myself
on this beautiful day,
overflowing with life possibilities?

Indeed, my life is meaningful, and
not for any particular reason.
It just is; as I am.
And that is enough for me.

Now that I’ve resolved that issue,
I am curious to know:
How did mirrors ever get to be so smart?

11 thoughts on “Reflecting on a Meaningful Life

  1. Thanks Mystic Rose, Jel, Quasar, Nasra, Floots, Polona, Andrew for your fine comments.

    Q, how funny. I checked out the link.

    Nasra, meaning, like beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder. Look in and mirror and it was will Nasra brings beauty and meaning into the world.

    Mystic Rose, thanks for coming back and do stop back.

    To all others, be the flower you are and sing and dance in the sunlight.

  2. thought I come by and say hi,
    you’ve changed the place! very nice! šŸ˜‰

    take care

  3. I always ask myself that question how is my life is meaningful..many thanks for putting in to words…

    As I have been questioning through my innerself and here you are bold enough to face us with the same question but loud …

    Hope you are well


  4. you’ve got me thinking far too much very early in the morning
    i’ll follow your advice and go look at the world a little more

  5. lol Don, the camera lies and mirrors too
    Mirror mirror on the wall –

  6. thought-provoking.
    i’ve been standing before that mirror myself
    got an answer similar to yours šŸ™‚

  7. “Indeed, my life is meaningful, and
    not for any particular reason.
    It just is; as I am.
    And that is enough for me.”

    Thank You, Master Don!

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