The Flowering You

It’s springtime!

Imagine you are a flower.
This is your day to bloom.
Show off your new blossoms.
Allow the sunshine to touch you
from your roots to your leaves.
Smile at the other flowers around you.
Sing! Flowers have beautiful voices, you know.
Raise your head proudly, and feel
the gentle breeze moving you from side to side.
Wallow in those refreshing spring showers
that make you grow.
And by all means, give thanks to all
who have helped cultivate you
throughout your beautiful life.

13 thoughts on “The Flowering You

  1. Dear Don,

    Creativity is a heavenly moment, a special place; Artistry takes passion indeed, together with focus (perhaps to the point of obsession), craft and persistence; but most of all a clear perception of the special subject.

    My grandest thank you for your recent visit to my flickr stream and your kind comment on one of my photos.

    Most of all I would like to thank you for your blessing for me to use your precious poems to decorate my humble photos.

    Today I’ve included again I have found this poem that I think may suit well on my photo (hereis the link) Flowers in the Dark

  2. Well done. I might follow your example…
    Hello Don. What’s going on…?:) I think I’m going through the cyclical period of my yearly ‘withdrawal’. The Sun has entered my 12th house. It’s an introspective period. My English haiku has mysteriously stopped coming to me. My English blogs are blocked. I don’t seem to have enough energy and resolve to do anything about it right now. Furthermore, I’ve been sucked into the vortex of my local world and my local blog… In addition to being more introspective, this period also seems to be locally coloured – working with adolescents (spreading information about haiku and related topics among the younger generation). I admit it’s easier for me to write in my mother tongue; consequently, it’s less energy-consuming… At a time of low energy, this can be an important consideration… I thorough review of the ways I use my life energy on a daily basis seems absolutely necessary… I’ll be back as soon as possible, in a month or so … My best wishes to all!:)

  3. oh honey, this is beautiful….makes me think how I felt this morning!!! love, me

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