Less Than Perfect

Less than perfect;
that I am.
And I would guess
so are you.
Please don’t worry about
the imperfect me and you
for it gives us all
something tomorrow
to live for.

Less than perfect;
certainly I am,
and all you need do
is shadow me
for just one day to see
my bumbles,
and stumbles, and
otherwise unflattering falls,
separating me
from the angels
about which
I so often dream.

Less than perfect,
I shall always be,
for I know not how
to perfect be.
That fact alone
does guarantee me
a starting role
in the next life
where once again
imperfect I shall be.

10 thoughts on “Less Than Perfect

  1. The striving for perfection is a noble yet, futile one. The Universe demands imperfections for it’s very existence requires it to be so. Your words are imperfect and beautiful.

  2. As I see it, imprefections are relative to the individual — and I think inprefections are so very beautiful in all the kingdoms here on planet earth … I enjoyed this.

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