Winter Meditation

Winter’s eve drawing nigh,
Dark clouds hover, January sky,
Fading firelight, flickers gloom,
Dancing barefoot ‘cross the room.

Huddled shadows hushing night,
In your arms hold me tight,
Sharp-edged snowflakes fall so still,
White frost clings, nearby window sill.

Longing for what’s not there,
No comfort found, my rocking chair,
Sitting still, motionless,
Holding on, memories caress.

Brutal cold winter night,
Full moon shining, oh so bright,
Sitting still by the fire,
Surrender there, all desire.

Working Together for a Cure

Let’s close our eyes for just a moment,
and contemplate the miracle of human life.
Forty trillion cells in the body.
Each knows its job,
and each does its job
in perfect union with all others.
Maybe all of us can work together
to prevent and cure cancer.

Going Beyond the Limits of Cancer

Nothing like a clear star-filled night sky
to make you dream,
wander beyond your normal boundaries,
and see previously unnoticed parts of yourself.

Don’t let your cancer prevent you
from seeing the magic of a summer night sky,
live your dreams,
or discover new parts of yourself.

Life Questions

Let’s try our best not to make unwarranted assumptions in life–
They block our natural spiritual unfolding.
It’s far better to allow open questions to linger
Until they are ready to answer themselves.

Each of us is a living question, and
We remain alive as long as our question lingers.
Our questions ride the cosmic waves of quantum possibility
Until they take form as an answer, and then they cease to exist.

Truth Dangling in Early Morning Sunlight

The morning sunlight reveals
What the night’s darkness stole away from us
Those things haunting us well past 3 AM
Well past the time for usual self-inflicted salvations
Things we promise to do should we live
To see daybreak in our now slumbering garden

Cast your eyes upon something of beauty
Like those dangling pink flowers where morning dew drops cling
Like each breath we take holds on
Till the next can take its place
Leaving nothing in between
No room for the darkness to reenter

Admire the pink flowers, if you will
But they can’t save us
Nor can the garden itself
Soon to be choked to death by weeds
Then covered by snow
Freezing shut the ice blue lips of hope

Look more closely at the dew drops
Each a tear reflecting back to us
Parts of ourselves lost, broken, forgotten
One by one suck them into your mouth
In small measure, let them quench the thirst
That has become your life

Our Inner Mirror Leading Us Home

Psychic mirror, the soul
Reflecting all you are
All you have been, and
All you can ever become

It reflects what’s most important to you
Not your parents, children, friends, or anyone else
Reflecting perfectly what you need to know
To find your way home

We lose our way
When we forget
To look in our mirror
Reminding us who we are

In life, there’s nowhere to go
Despite what we might think, no destination
Every place, exactly the same
Every thing, all part of one

Look if you will outward, upward, beyond
Eventually your eyes fall back on the mirror
There you always find yourself, complete, without separation
And there you find your way home

Journey to the Heart

Wonderful, long-held secrets abound in your heart
They patiently await you
Open the door
Enter with honesty, and
trust whatever that honesty brings

Discover, unwrap
the many unopened presents
awaiting you at your heart’s door
Take them inside
Open them
Allow the love they contain to grow

Rediscover the many gifts of love
that have filled your heart
throughout your lifetime
Revel in their beauty
Live in their promise
that once a gift of love has been given
It is always with you

Love is what we all come back to
For some of us, it has taken longer
to realize that love is
what we really are

For some of us
our entire journey in life
has been about discovering the secrets
that lie buried deep in the cave of our hearts

It’s not a long journey, really
when you’re ready
The heart requires no reservations
to visit what it holds
Getting there can be as simple as
floating on a lotus blossom
on the still waters of your soul

Beyond Our Identity Masks

So much, we associate with our lives
More than we imagine
Things, people, thoughts, feelings, experiences
So much more
All markers, definers, identifiers
Yes, identity builders

Each of us
in our own way, seeks
to be somebody, something
Almost always, it’s about being
something other than what we are
Often, mistaking our shadow for the one
coming before casting the shadow

Yes, ambition, aspiration, goals
can hinder us, if
they steer us away
from the simple joy of being
without anywhere to go
or anyone to be

We work so hard
to define our likes, dislikes in life
All because that’s why we think we’re here
Beyond our judgments there is more
Undefinable, ineffiable, ever changing
Something we feel
Something we know
because we are that