On the Eve of My 68th Birthday

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We reach a point in life, where
by the grace of God, we are spared
from ourselves and all self-judgment.

And by the miracle of life itself,
we discover that all we experience is
but a tiny example of our potential.

And in the midst of our wandering,
the desert and mountains come together, and
at sunset, the god of self-understanding appears.

Consider Life’s Outside Possibilities


Too easy
Looking in obvious places
Those we already know
Possibilities already imagined

Imagine an open window
In the midst of your darkness
A place where light is possible
An opening for outside possibilities

Get used to the light
At first too much for your eyes
Then new images take shape
Filling your soul with hope

In this realm
The inevitable disappears
Taking its place
With all other known possibilities

Let the obvious possibilities fade away
Take a chance on the unknown
Bet the farm on it
Walk into the light