Yielding to Myself

Introspective Poetry, Rhyming Poetry

On foot I hiked across the field
To no transient pleasure did I yield
For I must find my heart’s desire
Most surely before, I retire

The sun shines bright upon my head
In quiet I walk, no word was said
A clearing comes within my view
Just then I knew, what to do

I climbed a tree to the perfect place
And toward the sun, I did face
Younger days rose up inside of me
For from my tree, I now could see
A part of me that had been lost
One I must know at any cost

Until the sun went down, I did sit
An illuminating fire within, had been lit
Sometimes we need to get away
And find ourselves in another way

When darkness fell, I headed home
The sky above, a star-filled dome
On foot I hiked, across the field
Finally, to my true self, I did yield

9 thoughts on “Yielding to Myself

  1. Layout here is softer than at Conscious Living but the power in your poetry is still intoxicating. A really good creation this new site is . . .

    sharing the light,
    Miss Erica Hidvegi, the Enlightenment Advisor,B.A. Ursuline College Psychology (specialization in Child Development & Abnormal Psych), M.A.Atlantic University-Transpersonal Psychology Studies Counseling/ Author, Artist, Photographer, Entrepreneur and Freelance extraordinaire

  2. Thanks Gautami, Floots, and Andrew. Yes, it feels good to rhyme, ring true, be in harmony, feel connected to life’s larger rhymn. Yielding to oneself, for me, is about yielding to my true nature (true north) where my soul heads.

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