On Being Present

Introspective Poetry, Poem about Time

Don’t look back, you’ll only see
A faint, disappearing reality
Your past may beckon, set it free
Things behind you, let them be

Ahead of you, the future lies
Much to come, a surprise
Look ahead, if you will
But careful not, the present kill

Always in the now you are
Dangling even, from afar
Soon enough, the future comes
Now again, it becomes

Time escapes all of us
In between, we are thus
No matter where you are sent
Try your best, be present

9 thoughts on “On Being Present

  1. I’m right here, in the past and the future.
    And sometimes in the present.
    Oh, wait… they’re in me…
    Or something like that…

  2. We are never not here, now,
    No matter what.
    And if we don’t mind,
    It doesn’t matter.
    And, really, even if we do mind,
    It doesn’t matter.
    Nonetheless (or all the more),
    It does.

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