Jigsaw Puzzles in the Cancer Treatment Waiting Room

Cancer Poems

Jigsaw puzzles, missing pieces everywhere,
That patients, families, and friends share.
Some they finish, most they don’t,
Some too hard, so they won’t.

Oddly shaped interlocking and tessellating pieces.
Bit by bit, the perplexing mystery decreases.
Skilled puzzlers work first to build the frame,
While others treat all pieces just the same.

Some work the puzzles like their lives,
Trying this, trying that till an answer arrives.
While befuddled by the jigsaw puzzles,
Cancer causes them much bigger struggles.

For some, the puzzles distract them from their pain.
Others wonder about life on the celestial plane.
When finally the nurse calls their name,
In the waiting room, the jigsaw puzzles remain.

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