Sunday Night Reflections


It thickens me to think
Life’s shallowness,only an illusion
It quickens me to think
Life’s race, not about speed
Or finishing first, rather
About you and me being
Who we’re supposed to be
Rather than something else
We were, and thought might be better

It’s all gone
Every last drop of it
Before we know it
Then what?
Plumb the depths
Plan for what’s next
Be all we can possibly be

Questions it seems
Rude interruptions in the grand scheme of things
Those things hovering between moments
Finding us naked to the truth
Of who we really are

Violins, harps, sad but sweet Spanish guitars
Playing us, like Vegas card dealers
Wishing somehow life could be longer
Even deeper than what we know
Maybe then, your father’s dying hand
Could finally reach us
Free us from all pain and illusion

Never a perfect ending–
For anything, anybody
Least of all life
Hanging between breathes
Always awaiting a chance to shine

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