Don Iannone on Live Internet Radio


Subject Line: Don Iannone on Live Radio/Webstream Show this Sunday, March 29th 4-5 p.m. EDT (1-2 p.m. PST)

I am joining a fellow member of Wisdom Workers, Dr. Zara Larsen, on her Tucson-based live talk radio and web streamed show this Sunday, March 29th from 4-5:00 p.m. EDT. "Circles of Change: Conversations on Change Leadership and Career Fulfillment" is dedicated to opening up positive conversations on personal career and organizational change to inspire and help others during these change-rich times. Zara has hosted over 100 shows in just over a year featuring guests from around the country. We will be discussing my portfolio career of leadership development and strategy consulting with Wisdom Workers (as Zara would say, "Your 9 to 5 life"), and creative life work in photography and poetry ("5 to 9, wanting to become more life!").

Join us live within the Tucson/Phoenix broadcast area on AM 1330 KJLL "The Jolt", or via web stream at your computer. If you are on an Apple/Macintosh computer, first circumvent Firefox and enter through Internet Explorer. Call-in questions to (520) 529-3508, toll free (877) 544-2580. Email questions can be sent to

If you miss the live show, a recap and full podcast will be posted at "Circles of Change Radio", 2009 Season left hand tab by Wednesday evening, April 1st, where you will also find the full complimentary library of thought provoking shows to date.

Thanks in advance for joining us!

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