Sunsets and Other Dying Words

At times, words seem so incomplete
Leaving us wanting
In ways we cannot describe
Pointing to things not things at all
Within and about us, directions, places with no words
Not now, or ever

Close your eyes
Recall the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen
Try your best to describe it—bring it back to life with words
How it became a sudden part of your life
How in between heartbeats
You even mused death also could be beautiful

Words will always be lonely—
Seeking the company of other words
So they won’t die a lonely death
Like souls need bodies to manifest life
Like the sun needs a reflective surface
To paint a sunset, signaling its departure

So why bother, you say
To replay our life experiences
Like some loved old movie
I have a hunch—
We want to hold on, to all of it
The sunset, even our words about death

3 thoughts on “Sunsets and Other Dying Words

  1. I think of death in many ways, the same way I think of life. The contrast, the differences…life is more “alive” because of death. The sunrise is somehow more a sunrise because of the sunset. A martial arts Sensei once told me he was instructed by another Sensei to ponder and consider death every day of his life.

    I am personally beginning to understand this, as transition occurs in my own life..the birthing of the new can be exciting and scary for all of its uncertainty and initial formlessness … and the death of the old is something hard to let go of…the safety and comfort of what was known so well can be a seductive pull to hold on tightly to.

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