A Teacher

Don Iannone, Poem about Learning from Teachers, Poem about Teachers

In some ways, more than we think
In other ways, much less
Someone who knows what you’re going through
Another who extends a helping hand, when needed

Not necessarily someone smarter
Or with more answers
After all, all questions in life are personal
A good teachers knows this

Good teachers are good students
Always learning
Never afraid they don’t know
Willing to see things in different ways

Living examples
Ones your soul wants to follow
Someone living their own life, not another’s
One knowing nothing lasts forever

One allowing students to flower
Become teachers themselves, in their own way
Finally, one getting out of the way of your learning
But there just when you need him

3 thoughts on “A Teacher

  1. ‘But there just when you need him.’ Mine does not seem to be around, though…!? I suppose it’s because I don’t need him!? Well, in such a situation, it would be foolish of him to insists, I guess!?:) An important issue, Don. Thanks for bringing it up so poetically!

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