Youth’s Butterfly

Don Iannone, Poem about Death, Spiritual Poetry

Our youth
Like some ineffable butterfly
Flits about in our memories, dreams, reflections
At times, as real as any dream can be
Always, midstream between the familiar and unknown

The older faces about us tell stories
Going past the point butterflies can go
Places no words can reach
Spaces outside the universe we’ve grown to love
Placeless realities no eyes can ever see

Somehow, we start over again before we end
Revisiting, remembering our beginnings
Hoping our memories help us hold on
Somehow anchor us in the shifting sand
Trickling through life’s hourglass

We seem to sense the futility
Of holding onto what only visits
Like the sun in summer
Like the butterfly in the garden
That disappears as quickly as it arrived

5 thoughts on “Youth’s Butterfly

  1. I just found one of your poems on a friends page on Flickr and I had to track you down!

    I would love it if you would enter the poetry contest we are having right now; we’re giving away hundreds of dollars in prizes.

    The point is your work is phenomenal and we want to inspire and connect with like minds and souls. Please say you’ll come take a look!

    We would be honored to have you particpate!

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