Rejoice in the Clouds and Rain

Dark Poem, Don Iannone, Metaphysical Poetry, Poem about Hardship, Spiritual Poetry

On those mornings
When the heart weighs heavy on the soul
Remember to rejoice
Give thanks for the clouds bringing the rain
That revives and nourishes the new and unexpected
Growing inside us

On those mornings
When tears fall like the rain
Allow them to wash away the past
Bringing us back to the present
Where life can be lived, and
The heart swims deeply in the soul’s still waters

10 thoughts on “Rejoice in the Clouds and Rain

  1. Great way of putting it. I really needed this, too many things going on lately and this was just wanted I needed thanks. I’m going to forward this to my mom, she can use this as well right now.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Pecos Blue. I loved playing in the warm summer rain as a young boy. Your comment about your son made me recall that. The rain, tears, all eventually washed away…

  3. Joanne: Good hearing from you. Tucson sounds GREAT, but hot this time of year. I’m sure you have a great eye for photography and you can use it as soon as the good camera comes along.

  4. Recently back from Tucson, and thought I would pop over to see you here and I find the continuation of lovely poetry and some amazing photos to look at too. The last two or so years has taught me the heavy days are as meaningful as the light ones, with as much to offer and to teach and to be experienced.

    *sigh…Someday perhaps I will have a “real” camera. For now, thank you for sharing these with all of us!

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