Sunday Morning Metaphysical Journey

Don Iannone, Introspective Poetry, Metaphysical Poetry

Think back, as far as possible
Remember your first breath, if you can
Then go beyond
To when the future
First passed through you
And left you as a trace in time

Return to the place
Where past, present and future are one
To where when began in your life
And you made your first distinctions
Between this and that
You and everything else

Go beyond all recordings, all traces of time
To the first moment
When illusion took hold in your life
It is there, and only there
You will find peace
And there, you can be without any remembering

9 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Metaphysical Journey

  1. Thanks B, and yes it is, as far as I can tell.

    Oh Borut, hello and welcome back. And yes, it’s all about remembering, especially where we are NOW. This moment.

    Hey Dan, Ga-low. Happiness and peace and Sunday promises.

    Polona, thanks and welcome back and glad it is calming, for all we have is now and that is our sanctuary…we pray and where we abide in the sweet by and by.

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