Everyday Miracles

Don Iannone, poem about miracles

Miracles happen everyday
Extraordinary things–
Like the orange butterfly
That sat on the budding flower
In the front garden till I smiled

For this graceful creature
There’s no pondering the universe’s beginning or end
Only joyful being
Not unlike our own shot at bliss
Without expectation
Intensive anticipation or undue acceptance

Miracles indeed abound
Each day, in every way
Things we easily know
Things we frequently overlook
Like the gentle orange butterfly
Sitting on the pink budding flower
Just beyond…
That point of no return in our imagination

See the picture here.

4 thoughts on “Everyday Miracles

  1. Joanne: Thanks for stopping. The blogging world I think has slowed down. Maybe lost some of its luster for all of us. I continue to write poetry and have devoted more time to photography. It helps me “see” life.

  2. Don,
    A beautiful poem and a lovely image. It is always amazing how easily we do know and how easily we overlook. After a hiatus from blogging and then some floundering to find a home, I discovered home was actually right there in front of me all along.

    Blessings to you.

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