Blinded by the Noonday Sun

Don Iannone, Poem about Spiritual Light, Spiritual Poetry

So hard
the afternoon sun beat down
Forsaking all shadows
Blinding us to see
only what is illuminated
What is known
And missing what it hides

So hard I try at times
to see life as it is
All the things I deny
Life’s impermanence, unpredictability
imperfection, only partial accessibility
Even in the best of light
Granted by the penetrating noonday sun

Some say try harder
to see more, to see better
Use the light to focus your mind
Perhaps we should not try so hard
Instead open ourselves, like a blossoming flower
And stop worrying about light, what we see
Then light’s meaning changes and so do we

10 thoughts on “Blinded by the Noonday Sun

  1. You’re slow on the poems these days, but that camera’s workin’ overtime…

    Thanks for all the great photos! Not to mention the poems.

  2. A good one. ‘Blinded by the Noonday Sun’. Well, that happens to me at all times of the day !? Something wrong with my eyes, I guess!?:)

    Your photos of horses are great. I remember the words of a wise man when he said something like: If you want to become a slave, get yourself a horse.

  3. hmm… one quote comes to mind while reading this:

    Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in one’s own sunshine
    Ralf Waldo Emerson

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