An Angel Standing Watch

Should I come one night
And you find me standing
Alongside your downy soft bed
Know I am an angel watching
Assuring only sweet dreams
Fill your head while you sleep
So when you awake with the sun in the morning
Know God is smiling down upon you

Should I come one night
And the night’s storms
Break your peaceful slumber
Know I cannot calm the storms
But I can fill your head
With a peace beyond
Where any clap of thunder
Or flash of lightning can reach

Should I come one night
And you no longer need protecting
That you alone can face your demons
I’ll know my time has come to go
That another soul haunted by the night
Needs my quiet and reassuring presence
But know my sweet
My memories will always be of you

Author: Don Iannone, D.Div.

Biography Photographer, poet, teacher, complementary medicine provider, interfaith minister, and former economic developer. Holds a Doctorate in Divinity, Master of Divinity, Master of Mind-Body Medicine, and Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology. Clinical certifications in Reiki, guided meditation, life purpose coaching, and spiritual counseling.  Author of 12 books, including two new books in the contemporary spirituality field. Learn more here. Contact Information Contact Don Iannone by email:

12 thoughts on “An Angel Standing Watch”

  1. Gautami: Thanks. There is one standing there, and probably more. Please read my comment to Andrew.

    As to Rot, we teach what we need to learn in life. I need to work on my ego issues and see them in others. My real focus is overcoming my selfishness and open more to others…

  2. Andrew: Thanks. Hope you stop back…I believe all of us have guardian angels. They take many forms. Think of the form your angel(s) comes and you may find an answer to your question.

  3. This one is full of things to think about. It made me think of myself, wondering if I had one at some time — or if I have one now….

  4. Having talked to a friend of mine a few hours ago, I now realize how badly her young daughter would need an angel like this… I can only wait and watch…:(

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