12 thoughts on “More Photos

  1. Dan: Thanks. Yes, Brenda from Uncabled Heart reminded me that I can stream these pho-toes to my blog. Glad you had a nice time a-way.

  2. Hey Borut: Words of truth spoken. As you say, beyond words. Experience always proceeds everything else. Hope you are well.

  3. The photos along the left side are really nice, but when I click on the “My Photos”, I get a link to Mike Lao’s photos. Did I do something wrong?

  4. Wonderful photos, Don. Defying words. Beyond description… I wonder: Why write at all?:( I’ll come around more often: It takes time to enjoy them fully… Now I see: It’s not just my little world… And the world is not just as I picture it: its inifinitely more varied!?:)

  5. Brenda: I forgot about that. Thanks. I will try that. Hope you are well. I love pie! Not just easy pie, but apple pie, peach pie, and so many other pies. LOL.

  6. Don,
    Did you know you can post your photos directly to your blog from Flickr? You have to go into settings and set it up, then it’s as easy as pie 🙂

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