Early February Morning Moment

Poem about Winter's Peace

Numbing cold February morning
A quiescent interlude, a place just beyond
Winter melodies drift like wind-swept snow
The forest, a white goose down quilt
A slumbering world fills with peace

For just one moment
something less becomes more
In that moment, naked knowing
In that place in-between–
A place of equanimity appears

Quickly as it comes, it goes
No touching back what can only touch us
No holding onto what passes through us
No container giving shape to shapeless beauty
Eventually, all snowflakes return to water

10 thoughts on “Early February Morning Moment

  1. Aurora: Glad you enjoyed it. I gave the poem a haircut this morning. Needed a trim. I like it better now. Glad you found inspiration on the new blog look. I just re-did my business website yesterday. Different feels good at times.

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