Sacred Cows and Sacrificial Lambs

Poem about Protection, Poem about Surrender

Sacred cows, what we won’t give up
Not that Holstein, Jersey, Hereford
But, how about that beef with your sister, or
that cow you had over losing the business deal?

Maybe it’s that professional mask you wear, or
your fetish for Levy stonewashed jeans, or
that beard you’ve worn since college, or even
your spoiled son draining you in your old age

Sacrificial lambs, what we give up
instead of what we should give up
Could be anything we don’t really care about
Anything but a sacred cow

Maybe it’s drinking diet Pepsi
instead of surrendering that chocolate addiction
Could be keeping your dreadful current job
instead of growing the career that’s right for you

Sacred cows, what we protect
to keep from changing
Sacrificial lambs, what we surrender
to keep from changing

12 thoughts on “Sacred Cows and Sacrificial Lambs

  1. Fadzly: Thanks for your nice comment and glad you enjoyed this one so much. I continue to be amazed by your photography that captures life in all its beauty and splendor.

  2. I could read this all day, over and over, may be I’ll print it and hang next to the mirror in the bathroom. Nice one Don, thank you.

  3. and then
    when we look out of the window
    or in the mirror
    it’s all changed anyway 🙂
    (but i still keep a herd of cows and a flock of lambs) 🙂

  4. Paul: Thanks. Lincoln Park Zoo at that. Inside us, a zoo train. Along the way, I’m dreamin’ of a moon shadow. Moon shadow, moon shadow…

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