Pieces Searching for Unity

Lost, a solitary unopened seashell
Alone, the moon without the sun
Afraid, one last sudden heartbeat
Sanguine, a lonely red hovering sunset

Tacit, gratitude underlying truth
Fragile, eggshell thin reality
Calculated, beyond religious computation
Convivial, spontaneous hope overflowing

Unorthodox, like no other before
Defictionalized, stripped of all imagination
Idiosyncratic, unique but not alone
Whole, all parts in love

9 thoughts on “Pieces Searching for Unity

  1. Jim: Thanks. Good hearing from you and thanks for sharing about your path. Practice is always most important, Jim. What we never must sprout throughout our beings. All the best to you!

  2. Hello Don, good to see you still writing poetry, very fine indeed. I enjoyed hearing about your studies, always more to learn. Spiritual Psychology is my favorite subject at present, but my point of view is somewhat different than many, too esoteric, but for me it is not knowledge but practise and all or most of my writing now is practical application of it with the world at the, what is to me, the highest levels of hearing.

    I read several of your poems, I will return and read some more soon….I am limited to visiting/blogging only one night a week, I post on my blogs by email and that works thank goodness. I might get more access in the future. Stay with your work, in all your areas, my best to you and yours, always Don.

  3. Thanks for the beautiful poem Fernando.

    Polona; Thanks. More of a stream with lots of pebbles in it.

    Kai: Thanks. Glad you enjoyed.

  4. Laila is my only love
    and the rose is just for here.
    Parfumed hairlocks she conveys
    on linnen cloths so white and prey
    over water hanging bow
    I adore here lighty grow.
    Nur, the city of Zem Zem
    there she dwells in virgin spell.
    O, my Maiden feed my heart
    so as Helen loves in part.

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