When in Perfect Balance We Dance

There you were, on tiptoes dancing
Dipping deep, reaching high
Forever lost in the moment
A ballerina riding a shooting star

We held our breath
as you reached beyond time
Beyond places breath can take us
To places only the heart can go

On tiptoes you swirled and spun
like a perfectly balanced top
Such grace, such beauty
Only a butterfly knows

Some things only love knows
No words capture
No plan contains us
When in perfect balance we dance

9 thoughts on “When in Perfect Balance We Dance

  1. Thank you for writting such a beautiful poem. Truly in a sense you have a soul of a poet.

  2. Yeah. The Adagio and the Adagietto are a sort of pair, alright. Love them both, and they both make you misty, don’t they, Maynard?

  3. Polona: Thanks. We all dance in different ways. You dance with your camera and your fingers on the keyboard writing beautiful poetry and I assume in many other ways.

  4. when in perfect balance we dance… wow!
    says something about my reluctance to dance 🙂

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