Giving It a Rest

In the Moment Poem, Meditation Poem

No knowing it all
or even anything close
No reason to know it all
or even anything close

What’s to know, really?
Anti-intellectual, you say
Not at all–
Just giving thinking a rest

Sit, still the mind
Give your breath your attention
In and out
Again, in and out

Easy does it
No hurry, nowhere to go
Rest, smile, free yourself
No need to hold on–to anything

Feel your inner fire–
Burning brightly
Didn’t know you had one?
We all do, so do you

Get a sense of yourself
Not this or that–
Just yourself–
That which comes before

Let go
Ah, that’s the place
Be! Right there!

12 thoughts on “Giving It a Rest

  1. Gautami: Thanks. Yes indeed, give yourself a rest. Breathe easy. Rest in the moment. Hold on–to nothing, not even yourself. Let go of whatever holds you from peace…

  2. Floots: Thanks. Yes, that is true. Silence is also a voice. After all, Simon and Garfunkel remind us” the sounds of silence…”

  3. you are so right
    “give thinking a rest”
    trouble is – even the “still small voice of calm” tends to have something to say 🙂
    thanks don

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