When the Wild Appears

Coyote Poem, New Year's Poem

In the forest
not far from the house
coyotes serenade moon shadows
climbing tall tree tops
disappearing into early morning sky

First, their sporadic yelps
then deep soulful cries
telling mythic stories only wild spirits can know
Our ears, tuned to another octave
mistake their passion for lonely discontent

For one fleeting moment
something wild, and unmistakably foreign
bubbles up inside us
Desperately lipsynching their sounds
we awkwardly hope to understand

Then, in scant early morning light
slender dog-like outlines appear
Sensing their presence, we kneel
thanking God for His presence, and
wondering where our wildness has gone

6 thoughts on “When the Wild Appears

  1. Ricardas: Thank you and welcome to Poetic Alchemist.

    Jel: Thanks and glad you enjoyed. The snow is cool.

    Happy New Year to both of you.

  2. Beautiful poem. Scary in some parts but that fits well in the winter mood carrying us to explore dark corners of inner self.
    Happy New Year!

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