December Comes Again

Poem about December

Twelfth month, last page
Sagittarius, Capricorn
Signs, influences, wonders

An end, soon a new beginning
Short days, long nights
Out my window, naked trees
dancing with flirting snowflakes

Lone whitetail deer
Snow-covered forest path
Standing still
All about, winter’s cold breath

Colorful wrapping papers, silky bows
Red and green greeting cards
Sweet-smelling evergreen
Christmas, here soon

December comes again

12 thoughts on “December Comes Again

  1. Thanks Aurora. Glad you enjoyed it. I loved Christmas as a young boy. Still do, but not with quite the intensity as when I was a child. It’s magical…because of Christ’s birth and all that attaches to that new beginning, but also because of all we’ve attached to that most special holiday in the way of tradition, family, friends, celebration, giving, and also receiving.

  2. Thanks Gautami. Glad you enjoyed.

    Floots: I have worked in this diner for 56 years. LOL.

    Dan: Thanks. Yes and no to answer your question.

  3. i’d like a december sandwich please don
    (have you worked in this diner for long)
    loadsa naked trees dancing with snowflakes
    plenty of white-tails and snow covered paths
    hold the wrapping paper and cards

    (ok – i’m a bah humbug kinda guy)

    cheers 😉

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