Karmic Wheel

Poem about Karma, Spiritual Poetry

That overlooked, we become
Tracks us down, like a hungry wolf
Eventually catching up, devours us
Leaving nothing, but itself

That forgotten, returns
Haunting us, night and day
When least suspected, it floods back
Taking with it, all we protect

That which we pretend to be
engraves its name upon us
for all to see what we have become, and
what we are no longer

And so turns the wheel
around and around
until at last
its work with us is done

11 thoughts on “Karmic Wheel

  1. Thanks Ricardas. Still addicted to verse. I appreciate you stopping by.

    Floots: Thanks. Glad you’ve caught up, and good having you back from your self-imposed holiday.

  2. so true
    (though i don’t like the thought of being so far round the revoltion) 🙂
    thanks too for the posts i’ve missed and just been reading
    as one who has always longed to be wild and often failed to keep his head above water there was plenty to keep me thinking

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