Holiday Nostalgia

Holiday Poem, Thanksgiving Poem

Nostalgia always finds me
during the holiday season
I tried to hide this Thanksgiving
but eventually, she tracked me down
like a skilled hunter her prey

She nailed me early this year
Flooding me with scenes, faces
symbols, voices, lost feelings
Most scattered memories–
patches of sun and clouds, holidays long ago

A fire gets lit inside me
whenever nostalgia visits
Washing me back, washing over me
Inviting me, once again
to become what I used to be

This year, inviting me
to be that mischievous young boy
whose playful tricks and jokes brought laughter
at wastefully tense and dull dining room moments
Family, be thankful, but beware this Thanksgiving.

6 thoughts on “Holiday Nostalgia

  1. Polona: Thanks. You’re so right. It she) does grab us at times.

    Aurora: Thanks. Indeed, Nostalgia IS a “she.” Well, at least I think so…

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