Hot Shots

Humorous Poetry, Poem about Ego

They’re everywhere
Not just in Hollywood, Congress
strutting their stuff on Fifth Avenue
playing left field for the Boston Red Sox, or
serving on City Council in Small Town U.S.A.

You also find them
singing in the church choir
attending to the needs of the sick
spouting off at Al’s barbershop, and
even teaching poetry at the local college

Everyone has one–
that is an ego, and
everyone, from time to time
gets lost in themself
failing to see the bigger picture

Why just the other day
I listened to a man talk
on servant leadership, and
in 28 very long minutes
he referred to himself 47 times
But who’s counting?

Self-important buffoons
Men and women of God
Smarty pants intellectuals
Control freaks of all sorts
All, intolerable hot shots!

9 thoughts on “Hot Shots

  1. Aurora: Thanks. Laughter is a wonderful thing. Lately I find myself laughing…much harder than I have in a while. Hearty laughter seems to shake off what ails us.

  2. Rob: Thanks. Glad you laughed.

    Dan: Thanks. Yes, and me, and everyone else I know. LOL.

    Polona: Thanks. We all are culpable when it comes to e-g-o.

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