Free Verse Poetry, Poem about Cardinals

Earliest feeders
at morning’s first light
Latest feeders
at evening’s last light

Always an order to their feeding
Males, brilliant red
always dine first, but
females, tan with a tinge of red
are not far behind

Hear their sharp calls back and forth:
“chip, chip, chip”
Once a mate is spotted
we hear their distinctive song:
“Cheer, cheer, cheer, what, what, what, what.”

On this quiet frosty November morn
their voices carry, like gunshots
telling us it’s time
to get out of bed
and be about our day

9 thoughts on “Cardinals

  1. I adore cardinals. I read somewhere that the male cardinal eats first because his bright redness is to attract (and thus protect his female counterpart against) predators. If he can dine safely, then his mate can, as well. I wrote a tanka about it that was published in 2005. I’ll have to post it one day.

  2. Dan: Thanks. Yes indeed love those Cardinals, in St. Louis, Arizona, and our back yard.

    Gautami: Thanks. I will check this award out and be back with you.

  3. I love those cardinals. I hear they’re only on the other side of the mountains, and will eventually over on this side. Guess they’ve already made it to Arizona…
    And congrats on the award!

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