Awaiting Morning’s Light

Throughout the night
moonlight swept through long dark trees
standing deathly still
waiting for morning’s quiet return

Near the creek
high above the forest bed
a familiar barred owl calls out
claiming stray moonbeams his prey

Ghost-like, shadows hover
between trees and beyond
to places figured lost
save their fortuitous lingering

Somewhere, in the spaces between
what’s known and what can never be found
the night slips into my soul, and
so shall I also wait for morning’s light

9 thoughts on “Awaiting Morning’s Light

  1. Paul: Thanks. It is a special time. I’m sorry you can’t take advantage of it like you used to. God’s healing blessings to you.

    Aurora: Thanks. That it is.

  2. Nicely evocative of that predawn time. When healthy I was usually up then, either writing or sometimes out for a run. Feels like everything is waiting…

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