Beyond What’s Apparent

Free Verse Poetry, Introspective Poetry, Metaphysical Poetry

Think of the odds
unthinkable as they are
Imagine something, beyond
where imagination usually leads

Find yourself, midstream
between what’s known and anything other
searching for the crack, expanding
across the cosmic egg you call your life

Hatch the truth–
not at all perfect, often missed
accessible though, if you linger
just beyond your denial

In all this
go beyond what you know
Find what nobody knows you have
What you don’t know you have

There, you’ll find your way–
the way you lost
whose end wants
just one last beginning

11 thoughts on “Beyond What’s Apparent

  1. i’m always working on hatching the truth
    sometimes i figure my egg’s already scrambled
    (but still lots of food for thought) 🙂
    thanks don

  2. Love that last line. Not always apparent but usually very close. Respending to your question, I think, a faded floor board with more creaks than steps left in it.

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