When You Pray

Free Verse Poetry, Spiritual Poetry

When you pray
do you trust
your prayers are heard
and will be answered?

Do you believe
something infinitely larger
inside and outside you
is always there to help?

Something including you
going beyond you
seeing you, for who you are
connecting you to what you need

And ultimately
bringing you home
where you began, and
where you will end

6 thoughts on “When You Pray

  1. Ah. Home. Where we began and where we will end. As in that poem by T.S. Eliot. And where we have been all along, as in Kansas, Dorothy.

  2. I’m a little out of the loop at the moment
    Trapped in the heavy physical realm of matter
    not easy to rise above the almost oppressive cloud
    that seems to hang over my mind like a shroud.
    But sure it is only a phase, a transitional phase
    between the time we spend here and in another place

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