Find a Cure

Free Verse Poetry, Poem about Children with Cancer

Chloe’s eight
Sweet child, lovely smile
eternal optimism, and
stage four cancer
in her brain and spine

No, it’s not fair
Chloe knows that
She still believes in miracles
and hasn’t given up
Nor should we

Look into her sparkling brown eyes
So much life, speaking through them
telling us there’s something more powerful
than the hideous beast
feeding on her precious life energy

In all this
so much unexpected hope
from what seems so hopeless
From all this
life becomes even more special

10 thoughts on “Find a Cure

  1. I had the saddening privilege of witnessing a ten year old’s passing. It really was inspirational, like your poem. Children generally seem to maybe set aside the baggage easier.

  2. Very heartfelt and appreciated, Don. Having lost loved ones to cancer I can definitely relate. You’ve given us something memorable to think of when most of the time we make a conscious effort to try and forget. Thanks.

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