Free Verse Poetry, Poem about Books

Filling our heads with ideas
Ones we might otherwise not think
Opening our hearts, making them flow
Creating memories, lasting forever

Stepping into another’s shoes, and
stretching our sense of self
Revealing make-believe worlds, and
birthing new ones needing to unfold

Bestowing upon us powerful words
changing our worlds
Teaching us order and flow
in times of chaos

Loosening us up
keeping us from turning into stone
Giving us meaning and hope
Letting our eyes feed our soul

10 thoughts on “Books

  1. your poem was nice that gives a new life of the book it looks like you give another meaning the thing we always read i hope you continue to make poem wish you all the best

  2. Talking about books,Don…, there’s one by Idries Shah called The Book of the Book. A strange one…, and I don’t recommend its purchase. But it’s more than worth reading!?:) After all, it’s about the Book!?:)

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