Fire on a Chilly September Night


Dancing fire, rhythmic orange and yellow flames
rising and falling in waves, licking chilly September night air
Crackling voices, speaking glowing light in shrouded darkness
The alluring tango, igniting promiscuous desire
flirting with wild, deep-seated passions
once touched by fire, causing us to burn out of control

Ghost white smoke on flame fingertips, reaching
high above, into another world
untouched, throbbing, beckoning
inaccessible, like our passion
before the flames set it ablaze
consuming all we held

Then the dancing stops
Passion runs its course
Light surrenders to the silence
We lie motionless
as the fire pit grows deathly cold
and the inferno falls fast alseep in darkness’ waiting arms

10 thoughts on “Fire on a Chilly September Night

  1. or a metafire 🙂
    nicely don don
    and most timely
    i lit a fire last night – a sure sign that autumn/winter will soon be here
    but i love that fire

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