Unleashing the Child Within

Free Verse Poetry, Introspective Poetry, Poems about Inner Child

children, so inventive
always something new
new things to do
new ways of doing
new ways of looking, and seeing

the child’s mind: nimble, malleable
open to the moment’s presenting
learning…a game
bringing joy and excitement
just for the sake of playing

as we grow older
mountains of beliefs, ideas
ways of being, expactations
bury our inner child

unleash your inner child
challenge him to leap these mountains
carrying you to fresh new starting points
just on the other side

8 thoughts on “Unleashing the Child Within

  1. Polona: Thanks. Never forget.

    Aurora: Yes, you have my permission. LOL. I won’t ask what.

    Andrew: Thanks. It’s great work that you do.

    Nasra: Thanks. Yes we do. Let her go.

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