Grasping at Time, Hoping for Life

Time, the ghost
we befriend
it visits often

Time, we lose
befriending phantoms
slipping through fingers, grasping
disconnected grains of sand

Time, we expect
will bring life
instead, life we lose
grasping at time

10 thoughts on “Grasping at Time, Hoping for Life

  1. The last stanza is a true gem of wisdom. ^_^

    I’ve just been to Russell’s site, and commented on his poem entitled “Different.” My message there is also very apt here.

    Thank you.

  2. My brother and I were discussing this very topic today. It seems time’s whizzing by us faster than we realize. It becomes, “Where did the day go?”, to “Where did the summer go?”, and eventually to “Where did the years go?” Good write, Don.

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