Free Verse Poetry, Metaphysical Poetry

freedom, is not:
   having the world at will
   being whatever you like
   having everything you want
   going wherever you desire
   sleeping in, while everyone else in working
   staying up as long as you like
   having nothing left to lose
   what your willing to fight and die for
   absence of constraint and determination
   even a completely blank slate to write on
finally, freedom is not your state of being
if you have to think about it

8 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. Andrew: Thank you so much. Appreciate the kind words.

    Paul: Thank you. and I suspect that you are right because it is essential freedom that I am indeed pointing to. Great observation.

  2. Somehow this poem is reminding me of the one I did a post or two ago, Hell’s Angel. Very different in style, but as far as what I think we’re both pointing to – what might be termed maybe something along the lines of the most essential form of freedom – it seems to me that the two pieces have something substantial in common.

  3. Good one! Like Sailor Bob Adamson says in the title of his book (which almost obviates the need to read the book):

    What’s Wrong With Right Now Unless You Think About It?

  4. if you have to ask – you’ll never know
    like this it’s one of those paradoxes
    some things come from within
    with others we do need some help

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