Reality: Not What We Think

Metaphysical Poetry, Nondual Poetry, Spiritual Poetry

reality, conditioned
like a farmer’s field
growing dreams
we feed ourselves and others
mind falling in love with itself
forsakes reality
for maya’s magical spell

faces, only what we see
not what lies beneath them
so sweet, so natural
each sip, intoxicating
each illusion, giving birth to others
each dream spins into the next

mastering all forms of illusion
the magician inside us falls prey
to his own tricks
no way out, he dies

everything shifts
the cart topples
we fall out, naked
stripped of illusion
finally reality appears

Note: This poem embodies the concepts of nonduality,
maya (illusion) and spiritual awakening from the Upanishads,
which are ancient Vedic texts, discussing Hindu philosophy
dealing with the nature of the universe and soul.

10 thoughts on “Reality: Not What We Think

  1. Thanks Kathleen. Wishing you guys all the happiness in the world, and welcome back to the blog world!

    Gautami: So true, and thanks so much.

  2. “…finally reality appears…”

    nice Don…

    I have been out of the blog world for a while… busy readying for the big move… on Monday!!!

    Lovely poetry Don… hope you are well! and thanks for you well wishes on Dan’s site!

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