Sculpting Life Rivers

Free Verse Poetry, Nature Poetry, Spiritual Poetry

Like the sculptor
chiseling a work of art
from raw stone,
we craft our lives
moment by moment
in whatever time we have.

Unlike a sculpted work of art,
our lives are not cast in stone,
rather they morph
in all directions
with each breath we take.

But if we are not careful,
we lose our ability to change
and rigidify like the immobile mountain
when we should flow like a rushing river.

As rivers,
we constantly renew ourselves
and feed others.
Be the river sculpted over time.
Be the river feeding
all it touches with life.

12 thoughts on “Sculpting Life Rivers

  1. This what it feels I need to do …be a river find what life awaits me ..Thanks for sharing this poem with us…

    I have not been myself for few weeks..I apperciate you prayers and asking for me …Thank you

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