Beyond You and Me

Buddhist Poetry, Free Verse Poetry, Metaphysical Poetry, Spiritual Poetry

Every time I open my eyes
I see a you and me.
Even when I close my eyes
you and I continue to exist,
because these eyes and this mind
are conditioned to separate
what really exists as one.
The you that I see
is everything that I’m not.
The me that I see
is always a familar stranger
catching himself looking
into the cosmic mirror of life.
The me that you see
is the me that
you think I am
and the me that
I reflect from the mirror.
If we crawl much deeper
into this cosmic space,
all lines between us give way
to something singular
that exceeds whatever
you or I represent
separately or together.
In this space
you and I cease to exist.
For in this space,
nothing exists–
no you or me–
separate from anything else.
And in this space
you and I surrender
all form and conditioning.
And there we rest us one.

Note: This poem embodies the concept
of nonduality, which is a literal translation
of the Sanskrit term advaita. That is,
things remain distinct while not being separate.
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8 thoughts on “Beyond You and Me

  1. I like the way you have taken in the Hindu concept of Advaita. You can chk that on my Gita blog. I write there off and on.

  2. Thanks Kai, Trinitystar and Floots.

    Kai, hope you are feeling better.

    Namaste, Trinitystar.

    Reflect we do in the cosmic mirror, Floots.

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